Knee conditions can affect everyone.

Knee conditions can begin after a traumatic injury (particularly as occurs in contact sports), illness (such as arthritis), or seemingly without cause, and can sometimes lead to lifelong problems if left untreated. Knee conditions can impact your ability to walk, drive, or live independently. 


Dr Jason Ward provides assessment and treatment for all knee conditions in his rooms across Adelaide and South Australia. Contact his clinics to book an appointment.

Signs and symptoms

Common signs you may have a knee condition:


This may be a constant ache, a sharp and shooting pain, or a dull burning sensation. It may also radiate up or down your leg.

Popping or crunching noises

This is often due to ligament or cartilage damage. It can be ongoing, or may occur at the time of injury.


You may not be able to straighten or bend your knee. This may prevent you from walking normally or at all.

Swelling and stiffness

This may be constant, or may onset after an injury or activity.


Your knee may have an unusual shape. Your foot may also turn outwards or inwards.


This can develop after an injury or seemingly on its own. It may also develop after a knee surgery.

Weakness or instability

You may feel that your knee can’t take much weight, or that it slips in and out of place.

Diagnosis of Knee Conditions

A variety of imaging procedures or tests may be performed to clarify the cause of your knee condition. If a fracture or bone condition is suspected, an X-ray or CT scan may be recommended to get the best possible view. An MRI may be recommended to assess your knee’s soft tissue and cartilage, and Dr Ward may also request an ultrasound to diagnose anterior knee pain or tendinopathy.

Once a diagnosis has been made, Dr Ward can recommend a course of symptom management and treatment appropriate for your knee condition. Please bring any scan or test results you have received to your first appointment with Dr Jason Ward, along with your referral and any other requested information.

Knee Conditions

Dr Jason Ward’s extensive experience and training in treating knee complaints includes guidance and management options for the following conditions:

Individualised options

Dr Ward’s special interest lies in individualised joint replacement surgeries, delivering full or partial joint replacements tailored to each patient’s needs. When possible, Dr Ward will operate using joint preservation techniques aimed at preserving meniscus and cartilage.

Consultations and treatments for other knee conditions are available – please contact Dr Jason Ward for more information or to book an appointment.

Knee Treatments

Knee condition treatments vary widely depending on the diagnosis and cause.
Dr Jason Ward provides individualised orthopaedic management, including conservative and surgical options, suited to a range of knee conditions.

Rest and elevation

This is especially important in the initial stages after an injury.


Painkillers or anti-inflammatory medication may be advised.

Ice or heat packs

Your orthopaedic surgeon will let you know which one is best for your case

Robotic Surgery

Dr Jason Ward uses the most up-to-date technology including a surgeon-controlled robotic arm.


This may be advised to help build strength or increase movement in your knee, especially after surgery.

Therapeutic injections

Dr Ward may discuss the use of steroid injections or PRP injections as part of your treatment. 

Knee Surgery

If symptoms continue operative treatment may be considered after conservative measures have proven unsuccessful. 

Operative Treatments

If symptoms continue, Dr Ward may recommend a surgical treatment option for your knee condition. This is generally considered only after conservative measures have proven unsuccessful and can vary greatly depending on your condition and the procedure recommended. If Dr Ward recommends a knee surgery, more information about procedure preparation and your expected recovery times will be provided.


Dr Jason Ward consults and performs a variety of knee surgeries across Adelaide and rural South Australia, including arthroscopic and knee replacement procedures, with the assistance of robotic technology. Please contact his clinics to learn more about his procedures, or click here to learn more about his qualifications and surgical experience.

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