Robotic Surgery

What is Robotic Surgery?

Robotic surgery is a type of computer-assisted surgery.

A robotic arm is guided by the surgeon to assist them during a partial or total joint replacement. While the robotic arm performs the physical actions of the surgery, the surgeon is still responsible for planning, assessing, and controlling every movement. The robot arm does not move or make decisions on its own.

Dr Ward uses the most up-to-date technology including a surgeon-controlled robotic arm. It was first developed and used in the USA and has been used here in Australia more recently. The technology allows the surgeon to pre-plan the surgery, creating a 3D model of the patient’s joint which can be used to balance the knee’s ligaments and achieve precise alignment of the implant during joint replacement surgery, including hips and knees.

This gives the surgeon the opportunity to perform the surgery with a personalised, pre-planned approach.

What are the benefits of robotic surgery?

Robotic-assisted technology is designed to assist the surgeon with surgery, leading to more accurate and reproducible outcomes.

The major benefit of robotic-assisted surgery is that it allows for a specific plan personalised to your anatomy.  This surgical plan can then be implemented with precision and accuracy, and refines the surgical procedure to pre-planned areas only, which reduces soft tissue damage around the site of surgery.  

Dr Ward has particular interest in mini-invasive partial knee replacement using robotic-assisted surgery.

Dr Jason Ward - Adelaide Knee Surgeon - Orthopaedic Surgeon
Dr Jason Ward - Orthopaedic Surgeon Adelaide

When is Robotic-Assisted Surgery suitable?

If you are struggling with joint pain or osteoarthritis and non-surgical treatments have not been successful, then you might be an ideal candidate for joint replacement surgery.

If you have pain or stiffness with daily activities like getting up from a chair, or limited walking distance, then it might be time to speak to Dr Ward about surgical options.

 Often the surgery is useful for people suffering from advanced arthritis or those who have had previous surgeries to the knee or hip. 

Surgery with Dr Ward

Dr Jason Ward was an early adopter of robot-assisted surgery and is happy to discuss this as an option for your joint replacement treatment.

If you’re living with pain and you’ve exhausted non-surgical treatments, then speak to Dr Ward about partial or total joint replacement surgery.

Dr Ward has vast experience in all facets of joint replacement surgery, with and without robot assistance.  He recognises that this type of surgery is not necessarily for everyone and treats each patient individually.

As part of his orthopaedic surgery practice, Dr Jason Ward will typically offer robot-assisted surgery for all partial joint replacements.

Listen to Dr Ward talk about the pros and cons of robotic assisted surgery.

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