Custom Knee Replacement

A knee made just for you

Much like a regular knee replacement, a custom knee replacement involves surgically removing the knee’s worn and damaged joint surfaces and replacing them with a plastic and metal prosthesis.


Dr Jason Ward utilises the latest technology from Conformis to provide a bespoke, customised knee replacement for appropriate patients. The prosthesis is manufactured to match the shape of your natural knee.  This reduces the chance of overhang and mal-alignment to preserve your natural gait and knee movement. 

When might a custom knee replacement be suitable?

Custom knee replacement is a ground-breaking technology that improves the knee replacement function for many patients.  It may not be suitable for everyone, but it may benefit you if:

You want to return to vigorous activities

Hiking, tennis or even downhill skiing may be possible after custom knee replacement. High-impact activities like basketball or soccer are not recommended after any knee replacement.

You are young

Custom knee replacements fit the knee and surrounding structures more precisely.  This may mean they last longer, requiring fewer revision surgeries in the future.

How a custom knee replacement is made

Dr Jason Ward will refer you for a CT scan of your knee, as well as checking the alignment of your overall leg.  The scan’s results are sent on to a facility in the USA which takes those images and uses the information to create the custom implant.

Algorithms convert the scan to a 3D model: a technician adjusts this to correct damaged areas and form a uniquely-suited knee implant which is manufactured to match your existing bone structure.

After computer modelling to ensure optimal movement, the implant is manufactured in a specialised laboratory and shipped to Dr Ward.  Along with the implant, the laboratory also manufactures custom-made, 3D printed, cutting guides and tools to assist Dr Ward in the joint replacement operation. 

The final implantation process is much the same as it is for a regular knee replacement. You can learn more about the surgery by visiting Dr Jason Ward’s knee replacement page.

Expected outcomes

Most patients report overwhelmingly positive outcomes from individualised custom knee replacements. Because the prosthesis is tailored to your own knee shape, there is no compromise on the fit. This often leads to the feeling of a more ‘natural knee’ than it does after a conventional knee replacement.  That is, a reduced chance of the knee feeling ‘too loose’ or ‘too tight’.

Custom individualised knee replacement is now available through Dr Jason Ward’s clinic.  These prostheses (and the custom tools required) are significantly more costly to produce, however most private health funds will cover the cost.  Checking with your health fund before seeking this treatment is advised.

Is custom knee replacement right for you?

Not all patients will receive significant benefit from having a custom knee replacement over a conventional one. If you wish to find out whether the procedure is your best option, book a consultation with Dr Jason Ward.

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