Shoulder conditions can affect everyone.

Shoulder injuries and shoulder conditions may occur in all age groups, from instability in the young, through to impingement and rotator cuff injuries as we age. A managed treatment plan is key to promoting the best chance of recovery.   

Dr Ward provides up-to-date arthroscopic (key-hole) surgical treatments for a variety of shoulder conditions.  He also has extensive experience in all facets of shoulder arthroplasty (joint replacement), including anatomic and reverse total shoulder replacements. 

Dr Ward provides consultation and treatment for shoulder conditions in his clinics across Adelaide and South Australia. To book an appointment, please see your GP for a referral or contact the practice during office hours.

Signs and symptoms

Common signs you may have a shoulder condition:

Reduced movement

This could be due to pain, weakness, or a ‘locked’ feeling, and may impact your usual activities.

Ongoing Pain

This can be anywhere in the joint (at the front, back, or deep inside), or may refer down your arm.

Unusual sensations

Numbness in the arm, tingling, or burning sensations may indicate a shoulder condition.


Your arm and shoulder may lose strength or tire faster. You may also lose grip strength in your hand.

Swelling and redness

This is usually painful. It may follow an injury or come seemingly out of nowhere.

Clicking sounds

This may be accompanied by pain or discomfort, although this is not always the case.

‘Slipping’ or ‘catching’

Your shoulder joint may feel as if it slides in and out of place, or gets stuck.


Your shoulder may have an unusual shape or bump. Your arm may also turn outward or inward.

Diagnosis of a Shoulder Condition

A variety of imaging procedures or tests may be performed to clarify the cause of your shoulder condition. Plain shoulder X-rays are generally recommended at first, and an MRI or ultrasound may be recommended to assess your shoulder’s soft tissue and structures (especially if rotator cuff damage is suspected).

Once a diagnosis has been identified, Dr Ward can recommend an appropriate course of symptom management and treatment.

Please bring any scan or test results you have received to your first appointment with Dr Jason Ward, along with your referral and any other requested information.

Shoulder Conditions

Dr Jason Ward’s extensive experience and training in treating shoulder complaints includes guidance and management options for the following conditions:

Shoulder bursitis

Shoulder impingement

Shoulder osteoarthritis

Shoulder tendonitis

Frozen shoulder

AC joint injuries

Clavicle fractures

Neck of humerus fractures

Individualised treatment options for shoulder conditions

Consultations and treatments for other shoulder conditions are available – please contact Dr Jason Ward for more information or to book an appointment.

Treatments for Shoulder Conditions

Dr Jason Ward provides individualised orthopaedic management, including conservative and surgical options suited to a range of shoulder conditions.


Painkillers or anti-inflammatory medication may be advised.

Ice or heat packs

Your doctor will recommend which is better for your case, and will let you know how to use them.

Rest and immobilisation

A shoulder brace or sling may be recommended to reduce movement, along with reduced activity.


This may be advised to help build strength or increase movement in your knee, especially after surgery.

Shoulder injections

These can help to reduce pain and inflammation, or for diagnostic purposes.

Shoulder Surgery

Dr Ward may recommend a surgical treatment option where conservative treatments have been unsuccessful.

Operative Treatments

If symptoms continue, Dr Ward may recommend a surgical treatment option for your shoulder condition. This generally considered only after conservative measures have proven unsuccessful and can vary greatly depending on your condition and the procedure recommended. If Dr Ward recommends a shoulder surgery, more information about procedure preparation and your expected recovery times will be provided.

Dr Jason Ward consults and performs a variety of shoulder surgeries across Adelaide and rural South Australia, including arthroscopic and shoulder replacement procedures. Please contact his clinics to learn more about his procedures, or click here to learn more about his qualifications and surgical experience.

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