Hip conditions can affect everyone.

Although most common in the elderly, almost anyone can be affected by a hip condition. These conditions can be caused by diseases (such as arthritis), injury, overuse, or underlying untreated conditions, and may lead to ongoing hip pain and complications if left unaddressed.


Dr Jason Ward provides consultation and treatment for hip conditions in his clinics across Adelaide and South Australia. To book an appointment, please see your GP for a referral or contact the practice during office hours.

Signs and symptoms

Common signs you may have a hip condition:

Pain in the hip joint

This may be localised only, or may refer or radiate through your groin, thigh, or knee.

Warmth, redness, & swelling

This sometimes indicates a disease or infection, but often also stems from an injury.

Popping or crunching sounds

This is often accompanied by stiffness and reduced motion, and may be painless or very painful.

Stiffness and immobility

Your hip may have very little movement or may feel ‘locked’ in position, affecting your mobility.


Your hip may have an unusual shape or bump. Your foot may also turn outward or inward.

Reduced walking ability

You may not be able to walk due to lack of motion or pain, which may impact your day-to-day life or independence.

Diagnosis of Hip Conditions

If a hip condition is suspected, a variety of imaging procedures or tests may be performed to clarify the cause. Dr Ward may request an X-ray to look for bone anomalies, or CT scan to get a more detailed view. An MRI may be recommended to assess your hip’s soft tissue and structures, but may not be necessary for hip replacement patients. Dr Ward may also ask for an ultrasound to diagnose an abnormality near the surface of the joint.

The type of imaging requested will depend on your situation and the likely diagnosis. Dr Ward may recommend X-rays and/or MRI investigation. Once a diagnosis is made, Dr Ward will recommend a course of treatment.

Please bring any scan or test results you have received to your first appointment with Dr Jason Ward, along with your referral and any other requested information.

Hip Conditions

Dr Jason Ward’s extensive experience and training in treating hip complaints includes guidance and management options for the following conditions:

Hip joint arthritis

Early onset hip arthritis secondary to developmental issues

Hip fractures and trauma

Acetabular labral tear

Femoro-acetabular impingement

Trochanteric Bursitis

Acetabular dysplasia

Gluteal tears and tendonitis

Individualised hip treatment options

Consultations and treatments for other hip conditions are available – please contact Dr Jason Ward for more information or to book an appointment.

Treatments for Hip Conditions

Hip condition treatments vary widely depending on the diagnosis and cause. Dr Jason Ward provides individualised orthopaedic management, including conservative and surgical options, suited to a range of hip conditions.

Ice or heat

Your doctor will let you know which one to use and how to apply it.

Hip injections

These can be used to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and sometimes repair an injury.


This may be used to help restore movement and regain strength as a conservative treatment option, or may follow surgery.

Robotic Surgery

Dr Jason Ward uses the most up-to-date technology including a surgeon-controlled robotic arm.


Anti-inflammatory medication or painkillers may be advised or prescribed.

Weight loss

If excess body weight is believed to be aggravating your condition, a weight loss program may be recommended.

Hip Surgery

Hip replacement surgery may be recommended where conservative measures have proven unsuccessful.

Operative Treatments

If symptoms are ongoing, Dr Ward may recommend a surgical treatment option for your hip condition. This is generally considered only after conservative measures have proven unsuccessful and can vary greatly depending on your condition and the procedure recommended. If Dr Ward recommends a hip surgery, more information about procedure preparation and your expected recovery times will be provided.

Dr Jason Ward is an Adelaide hip surgeon, consulting and performing a variety of hip surgeries across Adelaide and rural South Australia, including muscle-sparing and minimally-invasive anterior hip replacement procedures. Please contact his clinics to learn more about his procedures, or click here to learn more about his qualifications and surgical experience.

Here are a few tips on how to prepare for your surgery.

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