Ankle conditions can affect everyone.

Ankle conditions are common in active people, both young and old.  Injuries can occur in those playing sports, or during everyday activity.  As an ankle injury can greatly impact your ability to walk, drive, and live your life normally, a managed treatment plan is key to promoting the best chance of recovery.

Dr Jason Ward provides consultation and treatment for ankle conditions in his clinics across Adelaide and South Australia. To book an appointment, please see your GP for a referral or contact Dr Ward’s practice during office hours.

Signs and symptoms

Common signs you may have an ankle condition:


This may be localised, or may refer into your foot and leg. It can feel sharp, dull, or like a burning sensation.


This may appear immediately after an injury, or may be persistent over time.


You may not be able to move your ankle due to pain, stiffness, or a ‘locked’ feeling.

Cracking or popping noises

You may hear these at the time of injury, or when you move your ankle.


Your ankle may feel like it slips in and out of place.


Redness or bruising may develop at the site, especially if your condition develops after an injury.

Difficulty walking

You may have a limp, not be able to walk far, or lose ability to put weight on your ankle at all.


Your ankle may have a lump or bump. Your foot may also turn inward or outward.

Diagnosis of an Ankle Condition

A variety of imaging procedures or tests may be performed to clarify the cause and nature of your ankle condition. Diagnosis and management of ankle conditions often begins with X-rays of the ankle and foot, particularly if a bone condition is suspected. MRIs or CT scans may also be used to gain a clearer view, and an ultrasound investigation may be requested to diagnose ligament or tendon injuries.

Once a diagnosis has been made, Dr Ward will recommend an appropriate course of symptom management and treatment. To ensure you receive the best possible treatment for your condition, Please bring any scan or test results you have received to your first appointment with Dr Jason Ward, along with your referral and any other requested information.

Ankle Conditions

Dr Jason Ward’s extensive experience and training in treating ankle complaints includes guidance and management options for the following conditions:

Achilles Tendon Rupture

Ankle sprain and ligament injury

Arthritis of the ankle

Ankle Impingement

Individualised ankle treatment options

Consultations and treatments for other ankle conditions are available – please contact Dr Jason Ward for more information or to book an appointment.

Treatments for Ankle Conditions

Dr Jason Ward provides individualised orthopaedic management, including conservative and surgical options, suited to a range of ankle conditions.


Pain relief and anti-inflammatory medication may be prescribed.

Rest and elevation

This can help to reduce swelling.

Compression or immobilisation

Compression bandages, splints, braces, or casts may be used.

Cortisone injections

These can help to reduce pain and swelling

Ice or heat packs

Your orthopaedic surgeon will let you know which is best for your case.


This may be used to improve a condition on its own, or may be recommended following surgery to help restore normal function.

Operative Treatments

If symptoms continue, Dr Ward may recommend a surgical treatment option for your ankle condition. This generally considered only after conservative measures have proven unsuccessful and can vary greatly depending on your condition and the procedure recommended. If Dr Ward recommends an ankle surgery, more information about procedure preparation and your expected recovery times will be provided.

Dr Jason Ward is an Adelaide ankle surgeon. consulting and performing a variety of ankle surgeries across Adelaide and rural South Australia, including arthroscopic ankle procedures. Please contact his clinics to learn more about his procedures, or click here to learn more about his qualifications and surgical experience.

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