Burnside Hospital welcomes Dr Jason Ward

  • March 14, 2023
  • knee replacement
  • Orthopaedic Surgeon
Dr Jason Ward - Orthopaedic Surgeon Adelaide

Burnside Hospital welcomes Dr Jason Ward

Dr Jason Ward is pleased to announce that he is expanding his practice locations to provide greater access for patients in the eastern suburbs.

Dr Ward is one of Adelaide’s busiest and most experienced orthopaedic surgeons. He has an established and successful practice, consulting and operating at several locations around Adelaide and country South Australia.

Burnside Hospital | Dr Jason Ward

“I’m really pleased to be able to expand my practice and start operating and consulting at Burnside hospital” Dr Ward said. “This will provide more convenient access for patients in the surrounding areas and the Adelaide Hills.”

Dr Ward is looking forward to using the orthopaedic robotic technology at the Burnside hospital. “I can use this on-site technology to assist with knee replacement surgery in some cases” Dr Ward said.

Dr Ward uses various technologies to optimise outcomes and recovery for his patients. This includes options such as customised 3D printed instruments, patient-matched implants and robotic-assisted surgery.

“Each patient is an individual and presents unique biomechanical challenges. Having access to robotic technology at Burnside hospital will allow me to provide the best solution for each patient” Dr Ward said.

Patients who have a knee replacement procedure using the ROSA knee robot at Burnside hospital will have access to a free digital interactive care plan.  This will allow them to connect with their surgeon and care team via a mobile app, and allow digital monitoring of their post-operative progress.

More information on the ROSA orthopaedic knee robot or the MyMobility patient program can be accessed using these links.

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