When is the right time for a joint replacement?

  • August 20, 2020
  • Joint Replacement Surgery
Joint Replacement Surgery | Dr Jason Ward | Orthopaedic Surgeon

When is the right time for a joint replacement?

The decision to undergo joint replacement surgery lies squarely with the patient. If your quality of life is affected, if you can’t sleep because of the pain, if you can't do the activities you want to do, then it is probably time to consult Dr Ward and discuss your options.

Dr Jason Ward is an orthopaedic surgeon with extensive experience and a special interest in joint replacement surgery.

Key indicators that you need to consider surgery:

  • You can no longer do everyday tasks.
  • You have a lot of pain. Pain that keeps you awake, with little reprieve from medication.
  • You have tried non-surgical treatments without success.
  • You have arthritis and it is taking a toll physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • Tests show advanced joint damage or arthritis.

Recovery after surgery depends on a variety of issues, including your age, general health, and physical fitness. Dr Ward recommends that you consider and discuss the pros and cons of joint replacement surgery with him, to tailor a solution that suits you best.

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